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If all Mandaleshwars perform mission towards Dharma like Sanatan, the objective Kumbh Mela will become fruitful !

January 22, 2013
Poush Shukla Dwadashi , Kaliyug Varsha 5114


Public-release of Sanatan produced Holy text, ‘Importance of Kumbh Mela and protection of its sanctity’ !


Swami Govindadevagiriji Maharaj

Prayagaraj (UP) : Sanatan’s mission is forging ahead due to grace of God; I offer my gratitude unto H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj by who is the inspiration behind this mission. Few brothers and sisters from Maharashtra have not just participated in Kumbh Mela by carrying the flag of Dharma through the medium of Sanatan Sanstha, but organised a grand exhibition in their camp for the protection of the nation and awakening about Dharma. If all Mandaleshwars (Heads of Hindu religious organisations) perform mission towards Dharma by organising similar exhibitions, it will prove to be fruitfulness of the objective of Kumbh Mela in a true sense. With these words, Swami Govindadevagiriji Maharaj glorified the mission undertaken by Sanatan Sanstha and bestowed Sanatan with His blessings.

Swamiji visited grand exhibition organised jointly by Sanatan Sanstha and Hindu Janajagruti Samiiti in Kumbh city for the establishment of Hindu Nation. On this occasion, a Holy text, “Kumbhmeleki mahima evam pavitrataki raksha’ (‘Importance of Kumbh Mela and protection of its sanctity’) produced by Sanatan Sanstha was released to public at His sacred hands. National Organiser of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Mr. Chittaranjan Sural felicitated Swamiji by waving a lit lamp around Him. Mr. Vinay Panwalkar conducted the function.

Swamiji further said,

1. ”This Kumbh Mela is our open parliament. It is an ancient tradition. Saints, sages, and Dharmacharyas (High priests) from our Dharma gather here and critically evaluate good and bad traditions that have taken roots in our Dharma. Ancient Sages have devised a procedure to ensure that such types of Kumbh Melas are organised one after the other at 4 locations in the nation. A system was developed so that the Bharatiya culture will automatically remain in fluid motion throughout the country through this medium.

2. Organising Kumbh Mela also becomes important for the objectives that the foundation of Dharma should remain secure in our country and inappropriate customs and traditions encroached in Dharma with the passage of time can be eliminated.



1. After the public release of Holy text, Swamiji read out some part of the Holy text.

2. Swamiji expressed His thoughts with intense yearning when he reached near the section depicting ‘Pollution of river Ganga’ and Cow-slaughter’ while watching the exhibition.

Advice given to crores of Hindus attending Kumbh Mela by Swami Govindadevagiriji Maharaj, while glorifying the mission of Sanatan Sanstha

From the expansive viewpoint of purpose and objective of Kumbh Mela, the credit for enhancing the importance of Kumbh Mela, being held at present goes to Sanatan Sanstha.

By witnessing this grand exhibition, everyone is endowed with education and knowledge. Why are we Hindus ? What is its meaning ? Why has our state turned to present situation ? What are the reasons behind it ? Which steps are needed to be taken to alleviate the situation ? All these questions are answered through this exhibition. I appeal to crores of Hindus attending Kumbh Mela that they should not only take a Holy bath in river Ganga, but also let their mind and intellect take a bath in this satsang by visiting this exhibition and imbibe the inspiration to strive for the prosperity of the nation and abide by Dharma.


Source: HJS

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