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Kanchi Swamiji showered his blessings for Hindu Convention

May 20, 2013
Vaishakha Shukla Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115


Swamiji going through Sanatan tamil Granths


On 19.5.2013, A few Hindu Janajagruti Samiti activists meet Kanchi Kamakoti Shri.Jayendra Saraswathi Swamiji to obtain His Blessing for the forthcoming Hindu Adhiveshan. Sri.P.Prabhakaran and Sou.Uma Ravichandran the Co-ordinators of HJS, TamilNadu offered fruits, coconut at His Feet and sought His blessings. Hindu Adhiveshan 2012 color booklet containing the blessing messages of many saints and photos of the adhiveshan was shown to Swamiji. Swamiji eagerly went through the booklet and read all the Saints messages published in that. He also browsed through the Sanatan tamil Granths which were presented to Him. He gave the kumkum and Prasad along with the letter and blessed the Hindu Adhiveshan for the establishment of Hindu Rashtra.

Swamiji dictating the blessing message


The Letter is given below :


With the lofty objective that Hindu culture should spread completely amongst all from children to elders, Sanatan Sanstha has established many Ashrams in Goa, Mumbai etc and is also organising Bharathiya Hindu Adiveshan (All India Hindu Convention) in an exemplary manner. This is a very welcome, laudable effort on their part. The Hindu Adiveshan which is celebrated every year is going to be celebrated this year also in Goa. I am very happy to hear that many Hindus and Hindu Organisations are going to take part and make this adiveshan a grand success.

My prarthana (prayer) is that with the abundant Grace of Sri Maha Thripura Sundari Sametha Sri. Chandramouleeswara Swami, this Adiveshan should be celebrated in a grand manner, all Hindus should unite together to create awareness amongst Hindus and I offer my Blessings for the same.

Sri Vijaya Mesha sukla ashtami
Sri Saankara samvathsaram – 2523
Kanchipuram – 631502

Swamiji reading Hindu convention booklet


Source: HJS

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