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Anti-Hindu: Ataur Rahman brutally murdered Hindu student to get to victim’s Hindu girlfriend

July 15, 2013
Ashadha Shukla Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115


Bangladesh : Hindu Minority College Student Pradip Das (22) was abducted and tortured to death by fanatic perpetrators Ataur Rahman Masum and others on 03.07.2013 at Meghna River of Norshingdi District.

The Reason of Murder

Pradip Das (victim) and Ms. Anamika Ghosh (Kona), both employees of National multipurpose company, were friends and in love with each other. But perpetrator Mohammad Ataur Rahman Masuk was against this union. Rahman and the co-accused sometimes eve-teased Anamika Ghosh and expressed his love for her. But Anamika overturned his advances. As a result Ataur Rahman along with his associates decided to kill Pradip Das and they abducted him on 03.07.2013 at about 8.30 and tortured him to death in a boat and dumped the dead body into the River ‘Meghna’ within Norshingdi Police station. Before murdering Pradip, the perpetrators demanded Taka 6,00,000/- from the legal guardian of the victim over phone from the cell number 01713270293 belonging to one of the perpetrators.

Pradip’s father informed the police through General diary No.285 on the same day dated 03.07.2013 at Norshingdi Model Police station informing them that his son Pradip was not traceable. Police again requested father to lodge first information report (FIR) to trace out the victim and accordingly father lodged Case No.11 dated 06.07.13 under section 364/34 of penal code against Ataur Rahman Masum (24) and unknown 4-5 others.

Police arrested 1) Md. Ataur Rahman Masum (25), 2) Mahamudul Hasan Tarek (21) and 3) Habibullah (28) and Ms. Anamika Ghosh Kona (22) (victim of eve-teasing) Md. Ataur Rahman confessed, before the Magistrate, to the murder of Pradip Das, punishable under section 164 of Criminal procedure code. But Ms. Anamika Ghosh Kona, having been asked, denied any involvement in the murder of Pradip.


I, along with Sawpan Saha and Md. Monir of BDMW reached the spot on 11.07.13 at about 3.30 p.m where the victim was traced from the River ‘Meghna’. We were also given to understand by the Police officer Md. Rafiqul Islam that he recovered the dead body of victim from the ditch of River ‘Meghna’ and he made an autopsy report and sent the dead body for post mortem examination at Norshingdi Medical College. We have also met with the legal guardian of the victim at his residence 95/2 Kha West Kandapara, P.S. and District -Norshingdi who lamented and pleaded “Please give us legal help !

The Muslim perpetrators named in the FIR are responsible for abduction and murder of my son, we want deterrent punishment for the criminals! They also tried to extort money from me, which I could not muster to pay because I am a poor man!” We video-recorded the statements of the parents and other witnesses available at the spot. We also went to the house of Ms. Anamika Ghosh (now in custody) at about 4 p.m. & we met her parents Sawpan Kumar Ghosh (F) and Subra Ghosh (M) father and mother of Anamika Ghosh. Upon enquiry if their daughter was in anyway involved in the ghastly murder of Pradip, they instantly denied it and said “our daughter loved Pradip and both were working in the same place and there is no reason to arrest our daughter!” We also asked Md. Asaduzzaman, Officer in charge of Norshingdi police station and Khandakar Mohiuddin-Police Super why Ms. Anamika Ghosh Kona was arrested in connection with the kidnapping and murder, the O.C. informed us that Kona instigated perpetrators to kill him. We could not meet with Kona as she was in under custody for interrogation. But on 11th July, 13 the daily “Samakal” published a news that there was a love affair between the principal perpetrator and the Hindu girl.


Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) is very much concerned about abduction and brutal murder of Pradip Das. BDMW is also concerned about (i) dilatory tactics of local police authority as they totally failed to recover Pradip Das alive although the legal guardian informed police through general diary no. 285, dated 03.07.2013 for the recovery of their son. (ii)Police also played a game of arresting the minority girl in connection with murder of Pradip and that the statements made by Anamika Ghosh before the police are not reliable & unsatisfactory.

BDMW demands that:

  1. Judicial enquiry for ascertaining the veracity of the statements made by the perpetrators and minority victim Anamika Ghosh Kona should be instituted.
  2. Responsible perpetrators should be brought to book as per law of the land.
  3. Destitute family members of victim Pradip Das should be adequately compensated.
  4. Other perpetrators who are still on large should be arrested.
  5. Anamika Ghosh Kona should be released forthwith if she is not connected with the murder.

Prepared and submitted by

Adv. Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President-Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) and Observer, Global Human Rights Defense, The Netherlands.
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari P.S.,Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Source: HJS

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