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Christian missionaries’ ploy to convert Hindu victims in the name of help in Uttarakhand

August 7, 2013

Shravan Shukla Pratipada, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

What else is expected in the regime of Christian Sonia ? Hindus need to unite for preventing fanatic Christian missionaries !

Conspiracy of converting ‘Deva-bhoomi’ to land of Christians !

Dehradun – After the deluge in Uttarakhand, fanatic Christian missionaries have started taking advantage of miserable condition of flood-stricken helpless Hindus. In the name of help, fanatic Christian missionaries are distributing Bible, luring Hindus with the intention of conversion. The above information was given by a social activist, Jayashree Desai as stated in Marathi daily newspaper ‘Saamnaa’. Ii is feared that if the conspiracy of fanatic Christians is not foiled in time, ‘Deva-bhoomi’ will become the land of Christians.

1. After the floods, Congress Government does not seem to be doing anything to bring life of people to normalcy. The Government is not at all concerned about the welfare of local citizens; therefore, many voluntary organizations have reached there to help people of Uttarakhand. (For the past 66 years, Congress rulers have never bothered about welfare of people; but people do not still appear to be displeased with Congress and therefore, they have to face such pathetic condition. It is the outcome of electing Congress ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) Among them are many organizations associated with Christian missionaries. (Since the Congress President is a Christian, Congress is bound to create conducive atmosphere for Christians for carrying out activities of conversion ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

2. Since the Government is not doing anything, the local administration has given free hand to voluntary organizations to help and rehabilitate people. Christian organizations are taking advantage of the same and are adopting village after village for rehabilitation. (When Christian organizations are undertaking such job, what are the powerful pro-Hindu organizations and parties doing ? – Editor,  Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

3. There are no efforts made to stop these organizations with background of working for religion. It is feared that if Christian organizations continue  their mission of extending help in such manner, all the adopted villages will become citadels of Christian missionaries and the condition of staunch Uttarakhand will become like Nagaland and Meghalaya with majority of Christian population.

Missionaries distribute Bible and praise Jesus !

1. Christian missionaries carrying funds of billions of rupees received from other countries, are reaching Uttarakhand and have spread tentacles in small and big villages and towns including colonies of 10-20 houses. The organizations, which are working in North-Eastern States and involved in cheating, luring Hindus for conversion, are leading even here.

2. Within two days after the cloud-bursting, Christian organizations reached Uttarakhand with aid. (Does any pro-Hindu organization shows such promptness ?- Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) First, these organizations went to various places and distributed material for cleaning activities. Along with the material, a copy of Bible was also distributed. Later, they distributed sets of material in different villages; along with that too, a copy of Bible was distributed. (In any Muslim or Christian country, can a pro-Hindu organization distribute copy of ‘Bhagavat Geeta’? Secularism followed in this country is working against existence of Hindus; therefore, there is no alternative to discard such secularism and make Bharat, a Hindu Rashtra ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

3. EFICOR (Evangelical Fellowship of India, Commission on Relief) is a Christian organization from North-East is leading in such work.

4. While distributing the aid-material, the workers of this organization loudly sing songs praising Jesus.

Christian nuns to come in 2 months and try to convert Hindu widows !

The distribution of assistance to flood affected people is very systematically done with the intention of propagation of Christianity. In many houses, there are only widows and children left  without any means of earning money to look after self. There is no custom of re-marriage in Uttarakhand. There is possibility of such women going on wrong path for livelihood. In two months, Christian nuns will be coming to Uttarakhand in large numbers. Christian organizations have hatched a plot of sending the nuns to such widows showing sympathy and later convert them.

Manikarnika Temple washed away due to heavy rains in Dehradun !

After heavy rains in Uttarakhand, spate in Bhagirathi river floods, Manikarnika Temple has been washed away in early morning of 2nd August. Manikarnika Temple is a sacred place of Hindus where devotees throng in the month of Shravan for ‘darshan’.

Source : HJS

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2 Responses to Christian missionaries’ ploy to convert Hindu victims in the name of help in Uttarakhand

  1. Zara says:

    I agree with you Sir/madam. But sadly no one is doing anything. I am an eye witness.
    People are lured to become Christians,n dis is happening in da center of Dehradun city.
    please do something abt it.

  2. rajneesh kumar says:

    Ab mai samjha k jharkhand(mera ghar) jaha adiwasi log rete hai wo christan kaise ho gae…mai phle ni samaj paya tha ab samjha…..ye log itne badmas hai k bhukh ,pyas ,garibi jaise chijo ka v galat istemal krte hai…. Islea mai ab hindu arsa gyan ke lie guru k pas jaunga r inka smul nas krunga…chahe jo ho…

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