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‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’, an organisation working for Hindus from Bangla Desh !

August 19th, 2013
Shravan Shukla Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5115



Adv. Rabindra Ghosh, BDMW


‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’ is a pro-Hindu organization working for minority Hindus from Bangladesh. Shri. Rabindra Ghosh, its founder, was ill-treated by Abdulla Al-Islam, MP of Avami League from Bangladesh on 25th July 2013. Then, on 27th July 2013, an attempt was made to kill Shri. Ghosh using poisonous gas. On 4th August 2013, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and many other pro-Hindu organizations from India came together and held strong agitations in different States against the above incident. Shri. Rabindra Ghosh has recently come to India. Recently he met Shri. Chittaranjan Sural, the national convener of HJS at Kolkata. Shri. Ghosh discussed with Shri. Sural, the condition of Hindus in Bangladesh and efforts made by Bangladesh Minority Watch for protection of Hindus.


Mission undertaken by H. H. Dr. Jayant Athavale for welfare of Hindus, is unparalleled !

Shri. Ghosh also expressed gratitude towards H. H. Dr. Jayant Athavale, Source of Inspiration, HJS. He said that he had total faith in H. H. Dr. Athavale. He always bows before H. H. Dr. Athavale and the mission undertaken by Him for welfare of Hindus is unparalleled.

1. Basis for establishing ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’

Regarding the objective of establishing ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’, Shri. Ghosh said, “In the year 2001, Hindus were brutally oppressed in Bhola District of Bangladesh. In the attack on Hindus, 356 Hindu girls and one woman were raped. I was trying to help and provide security to the affected oppressed Hindus from my side. At the same time, taking inspiration from US-based Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minority, I set up Human Rights Congress for Bangladeshi Minority. To create awareness amongst Hindus from Bangladesh, to unite them, to stop infiltration of Hindus from Bangladesh to Bharat were some of the objectives of setting up the said organization. After establishing the organization, many so-called progressive Hindus and jihadis started giving sermons of equality and secularism to this organization. Then I realized that there were many obstacles in working for the original goal and in 2006, the organization ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’ was established.”

2. Atrocities against Hindus and raping Hindu women are a regular things in Bangladesh !

Regarding the condition of Hindus from Bangladesh, Shri. Ghosh said, “Sitting in India, it is impossible to have an idea about condition of Hindus in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi jihadis are always trying to grab Hindus’ property and girls. jihadis oppress them so badly that Hindus have to give their property to jihadis for very low cost or even for free and come to India. Damaging Hindu temples, kidnapping Hindu girls, gang raping Hindu girls and women are common things in Bangladesh. There are so many Hindu girls in Bangladesh who have been raped by jihadis. These Hindu girls have run away and come to India. Presently, these girls are working as prostitutes for their livelihood in big cities in India.”


Adv. Rabindra Ghosh was attacked with poisonous gas, by Jihadis


3. Anti-law jihadis are not afraid of Courts’ orders !
3.A. Jihadis, who are oppressing Hindus and punished by Courts, are not afraid of law ! : Shri. Ghosh told about one incident in which a Hindu girl was molested. One 12-yr old Hindu girl was kidnapped by few people from Avami League and she was raped by 3 persons. Later, through court case, I saved her, all 3 accused were arrested; but they soon got bail. Many times, girls are handed over to their parents relieving them from offenders; in the Court; but as they leave the Court, jihadis once again kidnap them. Many times, activists of Bangladesh Minority Watch go to help oppressed Hindus; but when the activists leave, jihadis go there and harass Hindus for calling outside people for help. They threaten Hindus while torturing them; challenging them to call somebody for help.

3.B. Hindus are purposely not taken in Government jobs : In India, there are many facilities for minority jihadis. In Bangladesh, however, there are no facilities or reservation for minority Hindus. In fact, Hindus are not taken in Government jobs. In Government’s office, there are 300 officers, out of whom only 3 are Hindus and 1 is a Christian. jihadis do not pay heed to even the orders passed by Court.

4. Hindus from Bangladesh lack Dharma-shiskhan and that is the reason of their deteriorating condition

While talking about school curriculum and Hindu community, Shri. Ghosh said that most of jihadis and Hindu children study together. In the same class where there are Hindu and Muslim children, they are taught Islam religion. Is it not injustice to Hindu children ? It has been generally observed that minority Hindus have no knowledge about Hindu culture, they lack ‘Dharma-shikshan’ and therefore, they have to face such grim situation.

5. Anti-Hindu Indian Consulate is indifferent despite knowing about atrocities against Hindus !

Many times, Bangladesh Minority Watch has sent letters to Indian Consulate in Bangladesh informing about all problems faced by Hindus from Bangladesh; but no reply has so far been received to our letters, said Shri. Ghosh. (Have anti-Hindu Congress rulers given instructions to Indian Consulate to ignore problems faced by Hindus in Bangladesh ? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

6. Nation-wide agitations by pro-Hindu organizations have given support to ‘Bangladeshi Minority Watch’ in pressurizing Govt. !

On 4th August, HJS and other pro-Hindu organizations joined hands and staged agitations in many States in India. Shri. Ghosh several times, made a mention of the same. He also expressed gratitude to HJS and other pro-Hindu organizations. He said, “So far we had no support; but we have your support now. Due to agitations held on 4th August 2013, Bangladesh Government is also feeling pressurized.”


Source: HJS


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