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Home   News   Bengal, India: Police and administration hell bent upon destroying Bajrangbali Temple at Kharagpur, West Bengal

Bengal, India: Police and administration hell bent upon destroying Bajrangbali Temple at Kharagpur, West Bengal

September 07, 2013
Bhadrapad Shukla Dwitiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5115



Kharagpur (West Bengal) : After the order passed by the Honb’le Calcutta High Court denying illegal Imam and Muezzin honorarium given by Mamta Banerjee’s Govt. of West Bengal, some Hindu youths gathered to a Bajrangbali Temple near Inda More (crossing) within Kharagpur municipality area with an exalted mood and they distributed some sweets between them.

Being annoyed with the High court order and exaltation expressed by public, now local TMC Councillor Sri Mayna Chatterjee of Ward no. 2 and Babla Sengupta, the husband of Councillor of Ward No. 1, Smt Amiya Sengupta, along with 4 Muslims went to Kharagpur (Town) Police Station on Tuesday evening (03/09/2013) and complained against this Bajrangbali Temple only, while several such Masjids and Mazars have sprung up in nearby areas.

Then and there, Police tried to destroy it and sent RAF, imposed Sec. 144 and dispersed the over 400 crowd mainly Hindu youths and women in the morning of 4th Sept when they were peacefully protesting against the atrocities without indulging in any violent act or roadblock etc. Local Hindus who worship at the temple sent a deputation letter to Kharagpur S.D.O signed by over 500 people. Now the administration have covered the temple with large black polythene and denying local Hindus for their rights of religious freedom in Secular India.

Today on 5th September, 2013, Thursday at 4.30 pm, the time has been set by police given in the notice for destruction of the Bajrangbali Mandir as served in its wall of the temple and RAF has cordoned off the area but locals are pledging to save it by staging peaceful protest demonstration.
As per the latest report came in, the Police and Administration is hatching a conspiracy to destroy the temple at the dead of night as the protestant worshipers of the temple are thronged nearby to resist the temple destruction.

Save Bajrangbali Temple at Inda, Kharagpur, reach there in thousands. Please make a phone call to Smt R Vimala, IAS, SDO (Kharagpur), Land 03222-225345 (O) and 03222-278859 (R), Mobile – 9434006180; SDPO Kharagpur 03222 – 255973 and Sri Arunav Das, WBPS, IC, Kgaragpur (T) PS – Land 03222-255967, Mobile – 9732627070.
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