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West Bengal Hindus awaiting the fate faced by East Bengal Hindus

October 4, 2013

Bhadrapad Amavasya, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Kerala – What is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh, now spread to West Bengal is beyond description by words. We all heard about holocaust during II war. But that tragedy is far exceeded in numbers as well as brutality suffered by Hindus in Bangladesh from 1947 to date.

There were 47 million Hindus in 1947 in E Bengal aka E Pakistan then, subsequently Islamic Republic of Bangladesh. Regardless of name changes, the fate of Hindus did not change all through the period, so much so now there are only  less than one million, 0.8 million, you cannot say ‘living’, they are actually dying. Soon Bangladesh which once had largest Hindu population outside India, now is rapidly marching to be a completely cleansed state like Pakistan.

The tragedy is compounded by silence, the world greets this cleansing phenomena. More than 46 million  Hindus eliminated either through murder,mayhem,being made refugees thrown out, and such is a large number. There are only 26 countries in the world  that have more people exceeding 46 million.

Soon like in Pakistan or Kashmir with almost all Hindus gone , it will be turn of Christians who will become 2nd largest minority in B’desh to be targeted for cleansing. And the same phenomena is spreading to  West Bengal , like Holocaust of Jews from Germany to neighboring Austria.

What is happening in Middle East makes head lines, even tragedy in Dafur is heard well. Like Hindus, Tibetans too suffer but do not take up arms,but at least they have world class spokesman on their behalf, Sri Dalail Lama, so their plight is known too, to the world. But B’desh Hindus have none of such facilities other than suffering ,if they are lucky , in slum camps of indifferent W Bengal, while their fellow Hindus are being butchered almost daily,with women ,children abducted and mutilated on the other side of border in B’desh.

Please do read ‘A Quiet case of Ethnic Cleansing’ by Dr Richard L Benkin, who documented his first hand experiences, observations in B’desh and W Bengal  during the current period,at a great personal risk. The book can be obtained from 2/18 Ansari Road, New Delhi, 110,002 India.

Even if secular governments in India do not do much either to bring the on going cleansing to the attention of the world or plethora of so called human right outfits maintain silence including Amnesty International, as individuals still we can do some thing for instance , bring it to the attention of your Congressman,  member of US House of Representatives. Present them with facts and incontrovertible statistics as to how largest numbers in millions, of fellow human beings are being slaughtered and brutalized quietly ,without gas chambers or chemical weapons systematically eliminated in our global village called the world.

You can get needed information from Internet, from the book mentioned above as well as from Lazza by Taslima Nasreen or from your own sources. Let B’desh be put on notice that it cannot continue its cleansing without consequences. US is largest and important trading partner with B’desh economy being dependent on exports to US. If US Congress acts,spurred by our actions, and links trade with human right violations in B’desh,it will listen. Hopefully the burden on who ever remaining there of Hindu population will lessen.

Source : HJS

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