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Bill attacking ‘Dharmacharan’ will be opposed ! – Poojya Govinddevagiriji Maharaj

October 5, 2013

Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Warakari Sampradaya so also Dharmacharyas oppose !

From left side Rameshwarshastri Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Maharaj, Pu. Vishveshwaranandji, Pu. Govin
From left side Rameshwarshastri Maharaj, Mahamandaleshwar Maharaj, Pu. Vishveshwaranandji, Pu. Govin

Mumbai – Propagation of Holy books like ‘Saptashati’, ‘Hanuman Chaalisa’ etc. will be an offence due to the anti-superstitions Act. Anti-social elements will get an opportunity to harass good people owing to the said Act. Recitation of ‘Mantras’, experiments and ‘parayanas’ can be treated as a crime. Under this Act, anyone can lodge a complaint anywhere and it will lead to suppression of Hindus. Misuse of the said Act is more likely; therefore, the Act which restricts Hindus from abiding by Dharma, will continue to be opposed. The above views were expressed by Poojya Govinddevagiriji Maharaj (aka Acharya Kishore ji Vyas) during a press conference held on 4th October at ‘Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh’. The conference was also attended by ‘Mahamandaleshwar’ Poojya Vishweshwaranandaji, H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj, retired Judge Shri. Sudhakar Chapalgaonkar, senior legal expert Shri. Suresh Kulkarni, H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal, H.B.P. Bapu Maharaj Raokar and H.B.P. Ramdas Maharaj Bali from Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Mandir, Bandra.

Poojya ‘Mahamandaleshwar’ Vishweshwaranandagiriji Maharaj : Nowadays, Acts are passed only against Hindus. It is necessary to conduct research and study this Bill before passing. Such types of laws adversely affect harmony in society. This country has been following ‘Vedas’, ‘Mantras’ etc. since ancient times.

H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj : Law should not be enacted on the basis of sentiments. One 84 years old woman was jailed due to singing ‘Bhaarud’ at Vani. If such old woman commits suicide due to her defamation, will the Government take its responsibility ? It is our fight at ideological level and we oppose this Act. Warakari Sampradaya is devoid of politics; but posing as Warakaris, if somebody tries to play politics, that is wrong.

H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal : The Chief Minister promised us that the Act would be passed only after holding discussions but he passed the Act without keeping his promise. We had to hold up ‘waari’ twice for opposing the Act.

Harshavardhan Patil, the Minister for Parliamentary Affairs also promised; but did not consider views of Warakari Sampradaya while passing the said Act. There are many districts and talukas where medicines are prescribed based on ‘Atharva Veda’. Will this be affected by such Act ? Is the tradition of Saints going to be stopped in Maharashtra ? The way in which Prime Minister withdrew ordinance regarding elected representatives, in the same manner, even this ordinance can be withdrawn. When there was no need for passing such Act, what has happened that all offences committed under the said Act have been made as non-cognizable and non-bailable ? Half of the ministers are against this Act and they are in touch with us.

There is no need for anti-superstitions Act ! – Retired Judge Sudhir Chapalgaonkar

1. H.B.P. Javanjal Maharaj’s Guru is living without food and water for 40 years. It is a miracle. Devotees offer him money at their own will. In this situation, will it be treated as earning of the Saint as it is asked by Saints or it is given by devotees ? How it is going to be classified ? There is a lot of difference between ‘getting money and giving money’ and there is still huge confusion in anti-corruption laws. Tomorrow, therefore, if Saints get money, they will be treated as criminals as per this Act.

2. As stated in this Act, there has not been a single act which is so serious that it should be declared as non-cognizable; but there are provisions in this Act under which anyone can be arrested without Court’s permission; no bail would be granted without Court’s permission and without Court’s orders, no surety can be given.

3. Which actions are to be treated as horrible (aghori) or undesirable (Anishta) has not been defined in this Act. The definitions have been made in very casual manner which is very wrong. It is a matter of individual faith  to follow certain things for attaining  liberation.

4. During the fortnight observed for departed ancestors, water is given to them; but it is not the objective to reach that water to ancestors; the only objective is to remember one’s ancestors at least once in an year and water be offered to them. The Act, raising question over all such things, is not required

Shiv Sena and BJP are with Warakaris ! – H. B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj

H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri said, “Shiv Sena and BJP are still with us. Shiv Sena’s Chief Executive, Shri. Uddhav Thackeray has said that permission for passing the Act would not be granted till Warakaris are not taken into confidence.”

Further course of action !

1.The anti-superstitions Bill will not be allowed to be passed till all ‘Dharma-Gurus’ don’t extend approval after discussions.

2. On 30th November, a ‘mega’-conference will be held by Warakari Sampradaya to decide about further course of action against the anti-superstitions Act.

Source : HJS

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