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Hate mongers target Hindu identity in California, USA

October 5, 2013

Ashwin Shukla Pratipada, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

JALANDHAR: After Sikhs, even Hindus seem to be at the receiving end of racists in US. A Punjabi-origin coach and board member of baseball’s Sutter Buttes Little League in Yuba City of California, Sukh Dulai, found the words – “we want no Hindus at SBLL” – etched on his truck. With the police investigating the case and the Indian community reacting to it, Yuba City mayor has confirmed that the incident was being probed as a hate crime. Sukh belongs to a Sikh family but does not support a Sikh appearance as he is clean shaven – a possible reason for him to be mistaken for a Hindu by the racists.

“The Yuba City police are treating Dulai case as a hate crime. It is an ongoing investigation on which we cannot comment at present. Yuba City is one of the richest, diverse communities in California. This type of behaviour cannot and will not be tolerated here,” said  Kashmir Singh Gill aka Kash Gill, pro tem mayor of Yuba City, who is also of Punjabi origin. Raj Bhanot, founder of a Hindu temple, said it was very unfortunate that members of the minority communities were being targeted in hate crimes which were against the American culture of diversity.

“As a Yuba City councilman, I will do everything I can in my capacity to get justice,” said counciller Tejinder Mann. “Yuba City has considerable Sikh population and people here are well aware of the Sikh identity. They even differentiate between Sikhs and Hindus. Since Dulai is clean-shaven, it appears to be the reason that he was referred to as a Hindu. The comment was against the Hindu community and identity,” explained California resident and North America Punjabi Association (NAPA) leader  Satnam Singh Chahal, who also wrote a letter to police chief of Yuba City M Robert D Landon about the incident.

Source: TOI

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