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Hindus protest against the denigrating play, Displaced Hindu Gods’ !

New Jersey, USA:

November 10, 2013

Kartik Shukla Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Denigration of Lord Bramha, Lord Kalki, Lord Shiva

Over 100 Hindus have registered their protest against the denigrating play ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’ that is being shown at the Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, USA. They were responding to the peaceful protest drive started by Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA). This play denigrates Hindus’ revered deities, Lord Bramha, Lord Kalki  and  Lord Shiva. The play consists of three acts, act on Lord Bramha is a one-Hijra comedy routine, act of Lord Kalki is a girl-gang thriller and act on Lord Shiva is a post-colonial fantasy.  In this play, the Hindu Deities are being used in a fictitious context, trivial manner and most abominable fashion. The portrayal of Lord Bramha, Lord Kalki and Lord Shiv in this play is highly objectionable to the Hindu religious sentiments.

FHA representative, has written to the writer Aditi Brennan Kapil and organizers of this play, strongly condemning this denigration and asking for the play’s cancellation. With no response from the writers and organizers of the show, FHA spearheaded an online protest campaign. In prompt support of the peaceful protest drive started by FHA against this denigrating play, over 100 Hindus singed the petition and protested strongly against the show. The Forum for Hindu Awakening urges all supporters of Hinduism to register their protest against this play and demand its cancellation.

FHA representative made calls to Amanda White, Managing Director of Mixed Blood Theater.
We did not receive any answer back from Amanda white or any representative of Mixed blood theatre

Forum for Hindu Awakening also appeals other Hindus to read more about this protest by visiting the following link, and register their protest by signing the petition.


Nilesh Shirodkar
Spokesperson – Forum For Hindu Awakening
Mobile: 9256819111
[email protected]

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