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Nature of police inquiry in Margao bomb blast case, harassing seekers!

January 06, 2014
Pousha Shukla Shashthi, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Sanatan Sanstha is engaged in activities related to welfare of people, nation and Dharma; but the manner in which inquiry of its seekers was conducted by Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka police, was not used even for inquiry of terrorists. Inquiry using pressure tactics, using indecent language, suppression etc. was as bad as terrorizing so also mental repression of seekers; but seekers could pass the examination only with God’s grace !

Offensive attitude of police talking with polite seekers in threatening manner !

Goa police visited Sanatan ashram in the name of inquiry of Margao bomb blast case on number of occasions. Most of the time, the manner in which they behaved with seekers was very rude. Few of such incidents are given below.

1. One police officer directly reached the first floor of ashram asking about person looking after financial matters. He did not bother to tell at Reception Cell as to whom he wanted to meet. On the first floor, he asked one seeker very rudely about it when the seeker took him to the concerned person. The officer crudely asked that seeker for account books.

2. In another incident, police were copying data stored in computer without giving any prior notice to ashram manager. When a seeker learnt about it, he asked them for ‘hash value’ of hard disc as per the procedure; but on which, the police officer threateningly asked him whether he should give ‘hash value’ or seal the ashram.

Hooligans in Khaki uniform conduct inquiry of seekers in indecent and oppressive language !

Goa police called many seekers from ashram to police station for inquiry. The conversation that used to take place between them is given below by citing few examples.

a. Police inquiry means not only use of pressure tactics but also suppression !

Police [P] (loudly) : How many times did you go to Ramnathi ?
Seeker (S) : I have gone 3-4 times with wife.

P: Have you seen the accused shown in photograph ?
S: I saw his picture in newspaper after the offence.

All other police staff : He was also there; put him in jail, thrash him so that he will talk.
P (angrily) : Now I will give you a hard slap. Get up.

(Seeker stood up)

Mental torture of two Sanatan seekers by police !

1. In the night of 16.10.2009, Dy. police inspectors from police stations in Margao called us separately and made inquiry, taking down our statements. Initially, they asked questions very calmly. Later, two of them asked us questions in abusive language stooping to very low level. They charged on us, pulled our hair, caught our head, abused and threatened. They were constantly threatening us of removing our clothes and giving us shock treatment, thrashing us. They stooped to very low level and talked about Sanatan Sanstha, my parents, spiritual science and teachings of Dharma; besides abusing. They were trying to pressurize us using different methods. All these things were going on till 3-3.30 a.m. in the night.

2. We were kept in the same room from 2-2.30 till 12.00 noon on the next day. From the previous night , from 10.30 p.m. till we were sent back to ashram (8.30 p.m.), we were not allowed to sleep. We were given ½ cup tea around 9.00 a.m.; around 12.00 noon, we were given one pattice. By 2.00 p.m., food was brought for prisoners which included rice and fish. One policeman asked us whether we would have food. We told them that we don’t eat non-vegetarian food; then they said, ‘eat whatever is given’; therefore, we did not have anything.

3. They asked us names of seekers who had come to ashram from Pune. We gave them the names but there were more number of women than men; so police asked, ‘You know only about girls’ names. Are you always going round with girls?’ Police asked many questions using vulgar language which were irrelevant.’

– One seeker

Source: HJS


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