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Argentinean who always travels with his ‘Krishna’

January 24, 2014

Pousha Krushna Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

New Delhi : Love for lord Krishna is not restricted to the subcontinent. For Jose, an Argentinean national, it has crossed all limits and boundaries quite literally. The man takes his “Krishna” with him where ever he goes!

Social networking site Twitter has been abuzz with celebrities sharing one of his pictures, where he is seen travelling in a flight with lord Krishna idol placed comfortably beside him on the next seat. What’s remarkable is that Jose has taken full care of his lord by adorning him with a woolen cap, a cushion and covering him with a shawl.

“He makes sure that he takes the Krishna idol with him, whether in airplane or bus. He always travels with two reserved seats,” says one of the posts on Twitter.

One of the twitteratti posted this morning: “This Krishna Bhakt from Argentina, Jose always travels with 2 seats. One for him, one for Krishna.” Interestingly, this was retweeted by Bollywood actor Kumar Taurani.

Source : HJS

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