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HJS and Sanatan Sanstha are opening people’s eyes ! – H. H. Swami Ganeshanand Paramhans

February 6, 2014

Magha Shukla Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Sangli (Maharashtra) – ‘Hindu Dharma is invincible. Indian culture is supreme. Many Sages, seers and Saints were born on this land and are still living here ! Although we have such great culture, Indians are blindly imitating westerners. Our culture is being attacked through different media; people are forgetting to abide by Dharma; but in such situation, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and Sanatan Sanstha are carrying on an important task of opening people’s eyes. Our blessings are with you’, stated H. H. Swami Ganeshanand Paramhans of Muktanand Teerthasthal ashram.

H. H. Swamiji has ‘Shiva-shakti Siddhapeetha Sahyadri Pahat Trust – Muktanand Teerthasthal’ ashram at Shirale – Malkapur, Shahuwadi Taluka in Kolhapur district. He visited his devotee, Shri. Shrikrushna Yadav in Sangli when Shri. Santosh Desai of HJS and  Shri. Ajay Kelkar, a reporter of ‘Dainik Sanatan Prabhat’ met him and explained him in detail about activities of these organizations.

Swamiji said on the occasion, “Devotion is the power of God. Devotion is a part of our life. Our culture cannot be compared with any other culture. Truth explained in Hindu Dharma is ancient and eternal. The Government is, however, not extending facilities for ‘Kumbh-Mela’ which helps in preserving this culture. You are doing very valuable task of creating awareness amongst Hindus.”

Source : HJS

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