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Christian School Authorities punish girls for playing Holi, girls commit suicide

March 19, 2014

Phalgun Krushna Paksha Trutiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Now it is high time for Hindus to unite together to shutdown such missionary schools prohibiting Hindu students frrom following Hindu Dharma ! – Editor

Bangalore : According to the parents of Priyanka and Sonali, who jumped into Sankey lake, seven girls of Mary Immaculate High School, Lakkasandra, were made to stand outside the staff room for playing Holi on Monday.

“There was a special class on Monday. Many girls played Holi near the school, and authorities were unhappy with them. On Tuesday, seven girls, including Priyanka and Sonali, were punished. The school management called us around noon saying Priyanka and Sonali were missing,” a relative of one of the girls told TOI.

The bodies were shifted to the Ramaiah Hospital mortuary for autopsy.

A case has been registered at the Sadashivanagar police station. DCP (Central) BR Ravikantegowda told TOI they will summon the school authorities. “I will not make any statement until the investigation is over,” he said.

Priyanka was a resident of Dairy Circle, Adugodi, while Sonali was from Tavarekere in Ramanagaram district. Priyanka’s father Janardhan is a messenger at the Adugodi fire station; Sonali’s father Dayanand Sagar is a cab driver with an educational institution. Both are survived by parents and elder brothers.

Source : Hindu Human Rights

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3 Responses to Christian School Authorities punish girls for playing Holi, girls commit suicide

  1. raghu says:

    Shame on you for killing the Hindu children.They dont have right to celebrate Hindu festival.May Christianity fade away in India.Police should book those bitches and bastards who reprimanded children for playing holi..

  2. Gobi says:

    Parents should ban together, taken the school to court and shut it down completely. This stupid Indian school daydreams that they are in Europe when even Europeans do not stop other religious people (non-Christians) from celebrating their festivals. Ungrateful Indian dogs. They shouldn’t be allowed to live in India for India is for Hindus – not Christians, Muslims or atheists.

  3. Jagadishwar Reddy says:

    Stringent criminal action should be taken on the school authorities so that in future no other school dare to do the same mistakes. The licence should be withdrawn immediately & the students should be accommodated in other schools.

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