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Hindus protest against AAS’ choice of Wendy Doniger as keynote speaker

March 23, 2014

Phalgun Krushna Paksha Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Hindus are protesting against the choice of opening keynote speaker at the March 27-30, 2014 annual conference of Association of Asian Studies (AAS). AAS has invited University of Chicago Divinity School professor Wendy Doniger to deliver the keynote address at its 2014 annual conference. Wendy Doniger was recently in the news after the withdrawal and subsequent recall of her anti-Hindu book “The Hindus – An Alternative History” by publisher Penguin. Wendy Doniger is known to write books defaming Hindu Deities and leaders.

Several Hindus wrote to Forum for Hindu Awakening about the wrong choice by AAS for its keynote speaker, and have requested AAS to not make the annual conference a platform for anti-Hindu and anti-India agenda. The keynote address is titled “Academic Freedom and Censorship: Publishing Controversial Books in India”. Hindus are asking questions as to what signal AAS wants to give by inviting hateful speakers like Wendy Doniger, especially since their keynote speaker was changed soon after the withdrawal of Doniger’s book.

One protester commented “I strongly urge you to reconsider your decision to make Ms. Doniger the keynote speaker of the 2014 annual AAS conference. The choice of Ms. Doniger is likely to be viewed as biased and also send a wrong signal that AAS as a responsible body is allowing the forum to a member to defend her follies, instead of introspecting and independently investigating as to why the L’affaire Doniger has arisen in the first place.”

Forum for Hindu Awakening appeals to all Hindu Dharma supporters to join in this peaceful protest campaign to stop Hindu hatred. Please visit the following protest campaign to register your protest:

Protest against AAS’s choice of Wendy Doniger as keynote speaker at 2014 annual conference

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