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Christian Run Schools In India With A Hidden Agenda ?

March 24, 2014

Phalgun Krushna Paksha Ashtami/Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5115

Since Independence Christian run schools have been praised for providing a very high standard of education in India. This is important in a country that lacks a coherent welfare net and where illiteracy remains a massive hurdle to development and social mobility. Hence the voluntary sector takes up the slack and provides much needed community services such as education, medical care and other mechanisms of support.

However the flip side is a lack of accountability and transparency about what many areas of how this voluntary sector operates. This is especially the case with the much lauded school system run by various Christian missionary organisations which account for a large percentage of the NGO sector.

Hence the disturbing phenomena of recent years where there have been reports of Hindu students being banned from wearing tilaks or any other sacred symbols outwardly like aum pendants or red strings around the wrist especially on Hindu religious days. They are also pressured, even if it is subtly, to take part in singing Christian hymns and celebrating Christmas and other Christian festivals. At the same time the religious edicts of the schools mercilessly crush any celebration of Hindu festivals such as Holi and Diwali. Is there a hidden agenda to convert ? Dr Koenraad Elst explains.


Source : Hindu Human Rights

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2 Responses to Christian Run Schools In India With A Hidden Agenda ?

  1. Retna Wheater says:

    It seems Hindus have become the target of forced conversions with Human rights abuses in many countries globally . Its largely because Hindus themselves have not been standing up for their rights. Why does the average Indian from a Hindu background continue to not stand up for their own basic human rights? These missionaries with their superior stance/ claims of their religion’s superiority continue to demonise Hinduism and are mocking us continuously ? For years audaciously they have forced their religion and other systems like education etc which they deem superior onto Indians, even as they show only contempt and hate for Indians ( Sanatana Dharma / Hindus). They have inferiorised almost everything Indian relative to their own systems from education, religion, traditions and culture etc in India and globally . Do we want to be the next lost tribe like the red Indians ? It has been clear throughout history that some missionaries have the capacity of pack animals , with minimalist brain cells that refuse to understand issues from a human perspective ,show respect for Indians in their own motherland. There is no doubt that some go to India to boost their over bloated egos and feel good factor at the expense of Indians . With their limited and closed minds they do not have the capacity to learn anything positive about Hinduism, their only agenda seems to be to criticise a religion that is far more peaceful than Christianity or Islam could ever be. They readily criticise Hinduism ( Sananatan Dharma ) They don’t believe in human rights for Indians or respect them in India or elsewhere . Will they want us to bleach our skins next like African Americans ? Will they want us to pretend that our ancestors are of African descent ? Is their agenda to make Indians alien in India also like they have done globally ? Why are they so intent on patenting our traditional herbs, information, spices that have long been part and parcel of our ayurvedic systems ? Patenting rice too I may add. Is it the agenda for India to be ever ready for another occupation -greedy western conquest . These missionaries act as if basic human rights are exclusive to them . As per history, they neither respect Indians, nor believe in the rights of others. Their intent seems to be to destroy and denigrate Hinduism which is by far superior to the war mongering missionary zeal of Islam and Christianity . It is high time Hindus( Sanatana Dharma )said ‘NO’ to these stupid inane missionaries who think they know what’s best for Indians everywhere and India. It is high time for Sanatana Dharma to proactively promote Hinduism . We should perhaps preach too , just like these hypocrites .

  2. PREMSHANKER V says:

    The reason behind this kind of exploitation is lack of unity, also those who are economically well they do not bother about their brothers, for getting rid of poverty only hindus are converting into muslims or christians.

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