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Town Council refuses permission to Sanatan Sanstha for putting up exhibition of Holy texts

April 4, 2014

Chaitra Shukla Paksha Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Administration is refusing permission only for Hindus’ programs in the name of election code of conduct but extends permission for all programs of non-Hindus. Sanatan is seeking legal advice in this regard.

Tasgaon (Dist. Sangli) : Sanatan Sanstha holds its specially prepared mobile books-exhibition at various places so as to facilitate ‘jidnyasus (curious)’ to know more about spiritual science. The books exhibited have no connection with elections; even then Tasgaon Town Council has refused permission to Sanatan Sanstha for putting up such exhibition. (Government, giving excuse of election code of conduct to refuse permission for exhibition of books, may tomorrow refuse permission to Hindus for performing ‘puja’ at home ! Chief Election Commissioner should now take the matter seriously ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat)

‘Presently, election code of conduct is in force and it is the duty of Town Council to implement ‘Representation of the People Act, 1951’ within the jurisdiction of Town Council. Any stall or exhibition that may create obstacles for pedestrians on public roads cannot be granted permission; therefore, Town Council cannot issue NOC for your application’, is the reply given to Sanatan Sanstha in writing.

Source : HJS

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One Response to Town Council refuses permission to Sanatan Sanstha for putting up exhibition of Holy texts

  1. Is there no place for believers /Hindus in their own motherland to practice Sanatana Dharma in peace. Why do Christians, Islamists , Bahais and others world over seek to convert Hindus( the oldest religion)to their religion IS THIS A PLAN TO ANNIHILATE HINDUS FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH? Do they feel that they have the sole right to forcibly convert the poor and ignorant from Hindu backgrounds? What of the rights of those who wish to practice a religion of their choice/ their free will . Obviously the advanced minds that seek to convert others do not see their potential converts as human beings , otherwise would they continue to do this and disrespect the basic human rights of these potential converts .(E/Human rights ). IS IT NOT POSSIBLE TO HELP THE POOR WITHOUT SEEKING TO CONVERT THEM TO A RELIGION ? Would Christ have stopped short of helping the poor, with conditions ‘you must be converted first’ or you will burn in hell. What does the bible say about bribery? Are these forcible actions really Christian actions or can they be described as desirable values ? These are the acts of egoism by those who glorify and empower themselves over poor disempowered groups is it not? Would Christ have said to a Hindu women not to adorn the red vermillion on her forehead as a symbol of her wedded status? This is what these conversions mean to many Hindus in the long run , who are being stripped of their beliefs systems , culture and traditions, their inherent foundation, that may make for their stability and well being . Don’t conversions scratch the surface of what happens to the victims of conversions in the long run. Is there a covert strategy at play, incognito targeting of primarily Hindus for denigrating them in everyway? True religion of god- who are they? ARE THE SUPERIOR MIND SETS OF MISSIONARIES INTENT ON CONVERTING HINDUS, NOT ABLE TO RATIONALISE THAT IN THIS DAY AND AGE FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND RELIGION IS AS MUCH THE RIGHT OF THE POOR AS IT IS THEIRS. WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO VIOLATE THE RIGHTS OF INDIANS ESPECIALLY HINDUS. CHRISTIANS/ MUSLIMS AND OTHERS IN THIS RACE FOR CONVERTING HINDUS SHOULD IN THE FIRST INSTANCE strive to CONVERT EACH OTHER whilst WIDENING THEIR RELATIVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT OTHER RELIGIONS. It may be the start of peace for the world. WHY THE RUSH BY MISSIONARIES TO CONVERT HINDUS? Do they want us to emulate their intolerance and aggressive behaviors. Is India being targeted by Christians, Islamists, Bahais and other religions? All these god loving religious groups, do they really care about Indians/ Hindus ? Many of them will never have taken the trouble to find out anything at all about other religions but will readily PUSH THEIRS DOWN THE THROAT OF OTHERS. Is it a ploy to destroy the soul of Indian, its identity, its history , displace anything remotely resembling Indian and dismantle it to throw it as prizes for each other?

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