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Majid Khan to Dharam Dass : Returning back to my ancestral roots

April 6, 2014

Chaitra Shukla Paksha Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

I grew up in a Muslim household. My dad is Muslim and my mum was a Hindu who converted to Islam. I was forced to go to the mosque and learn about Islam but I never really could take to it. Initially I tried my best to appreciate it but as time went on I found there were too many unanswered questions which left me in a dilemma where I felt unhappy. So I just went through the motions till I my early teens.

Again I started to question Islam a lot and eventually came to the conclusion that this is not for me as I could no longer lie to myself.I now had to seek a different direction to quench my thirst for spiritual inner peace and guidance. So my journey started.

First I started to explore Christianity. It seemed nice on the face but as I got to know more about it I started to have more questions that couldn’t be answered and once again I felt trapped but I knew deep down that somewhere out there was something calling me but I just didn’t know what and where it was.

All I knew at this stage was that the teachings of Islam and Christianity didn’t really impress me and living in a Muslim household Hinduism was way out of the question because my father would never allow it.

My dad’s family are all Muslim and mom’s family are Hindu which meant 90% of my ancestors came from India originally. I just about had one relative from the middle east and that was about it so I knew that Hinduism was in my blood.

Dharam Dass from Trinidad and Tobago
Dharam Dass from Trinidad and Tobago

And it was during my late teens. I started to have dreams where I would dream of lord Shiva dancing. I also would dream of  Mother Durga where they would show me temples ,visions etc, I  followed the calling and became fascinated with Sanatan Dharma and then started to read more about it . It gave me everything my inner being had yearned for all my life and I finally found my way back home to my ancestral roots and Hindu heritage . For once in my life I now feel inner peace, happiness and the divine love within me finally awakened.

Source : Hindu Human Rights

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2 Responses to Majid Khan to Dharam Dass : Returning back to my ancestral roots

  1. mahe says:

    Hi I don’t know what I have to tell. Because my family facing the same problem which is your family issues. We are basically hindhu but my brother likes Islam and he is ready to convert. My mom dad and myaely feeling very bad

  2. retnawheater says:

    My story is very similar . I had conversion after conversion from different sects of Christianity to Buddhism, Bahaism and eventually atheism etc. I learnt a lot about everyone’s religion but learnt very little of my own ancestral religion. I never converted to Islam, as I had lived amongst Muslims and knew much already. I was alone far away from home and strayed to find God. In the process I only met people who claimed their god was the true god and influenced my conversion time and time again. I was just looking for god, not religion, during periods of difficulty, in exceedingly trying times when no-one was there to help. No temples to go to, poojas, arthis to attend, with also no family around to guide me. Those who converted me had closed minds and singularly focused on only the superiority of their own religions . They had never stepped outside of their own boxed mindsets, even for the sake of discovering knowledge . Many of them I found held their religions to be the only true religion and had a narrow perspective.
    No one in my family or our history had previously converted to any religion away from our ancestral Hinduism . They were all also very easy going Hindus ( Sanatana Dharma Practitioners) They were unconcerned about influencing or forcing anyone to convert to their religion .
    None of the religions that I followed gave me any depth of identity, value, sense of pride, real choice or peace . I found myself thoroughly lost, confused and in a state of identity crisis. I had had so much freedom and choice in my own ancestral religion / Sanatana Dharma, which was being strangled by these religions which claimed superiority over Hinduism/ Sanatana Dharma. Whilst I found Buddhism slightly easier to contend with given its relationship with Hinduism, the other religions stirred up inner conflicts arising from their dogma. Mixed feelings of guilt and rising distrust of the integrity of these religions caused psychological conflict and I increasing felt they did not have my interest at heart . Having serially converted into these religions, I eventually weaned myself of the last and final one of the religions I had entered into. Some were not that easy to get out of. I returned to Hinduism, following visits to the temple with my family in my home town on numerous occasions,enjoyed Krishna Jayanthi and other festivals when I could. For the past 20 years I have prayed and recited mantras in order be self actualise,be myself as a Hindu & Sanatana Dharma follower . Now I am so proud of having a Indian heritage and of being a follower of Hindu/Sanatana Dharma.

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