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4th day of ban on Hindu Janajgruti Samiti’s Website

May 10, 2014

Vaishakha Shukla Paksha Ekadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

  • Obscene websites allowed to flourish while Hindu websites stifled !
  • Does the Congress have any moral right to govern the country ?

Mumbai : It is four days since the anti Hindu Congress Government imposed a ban on the official website of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. This is the second time that the website has been blocked in India. The Samiti has informed that the Government has ordered Internet Service Providers all over the country to block many websites including the Samiti site, Hindujagruti.org. This order was issued through a circular sent to these ISPs.

Timeline of events

1. On the 5th of May, visitors on Vodafone’s Internet service were unable to access the Samiti’s website. When the Samiti learned about this from the visitors, the company was contacted who in turn informed the Samiti that the government had issued orders that certain websites, including that of the Samiti should be blocked. Vodafone acted on these orders and promptly blocked all access to HinduJagruti.org on its internet services.

2. It is learned that a similar circular has been sent to all the ISPs. But as of date no other ISP seems to have acted on this order. As a result, devout Hindus across the country are still able to access the site. Due to this discrepancy, there is confusion whether the site has been blocked ot not.

3. When the government had banned the website two years ago, the website started becoming unavailable over the various ISPs in stages. The Samiti wishes to inform that a similar plan may be in action and the site getting blocked by Vodafone may be just the first step of banning the site all over India.

The Samiti has also requested the devout Hindus to inform them in case the website is blocked on other ISPs (just as it is now on Vodafone). The information (which ISP, area) may be sent on :

Email : [email protected]

Phone : 09370640014

Anti-Hindu Congress Govt bans Hindu Janjagruti Samiti’s website once again

May 8, 2014

Vaishakh Shuklapaksha 9, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

  • Congress’s reign of terror alike Mughals ! Anti-Hindu Dr. Zakir Naik had insulted Lord Ganesh at the time Ganesh Festival from his facebook account. Even after cases were filed against Dr. Naik Congress government did not take any action against him; but when the true news was published on HJS website it is banned by the government !
  • O Hindus ! Congress government which is disinterested in banning Pornographic websites which are making the society immoral, the same government has promptly banned HJS website which is educating society on Dharma (Righteousness) and kindling Love for nation and Dharma !

Congress should not have wrong notion that this ban will have any impact on the ‘Third All India Hindu Convention for establishment of Hindu Rashtra’ organised by HJS !

New Delhi : Now riots have erupted once again in Assam state amongst Bodo Hindus and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. All media websites are reporting this news; but instead of concentrating on how to make peace in this region, they have banned many websites. HJS website is one among them. HJS had faced similar ban when the riots were erupted in Assam in year 2012 amongst Bodo Hindus and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants. Congress is the ruling party in Assam. It is said, Congress has taken these measures to hide their own inefficiency.

1. In August 2012 HJS website was also part of the list of banned websites. The ban was removed after HJS won legal battle, but HJS facebook account is still blocked.

2. As per news reported by Times of India even now 20 websites and blogs have been blocked. It is not yet known officially whether HJS website is one among these; but we have received complaints that website is not accessible when accessed from one of the service provider.

3. Central government has not followed the simple protocol of allowing the website to give explanation. Thus, as per many lawyers this ban is illegal

In 2012, Assam riots had echoed in Maharashtra and Kerala. At that time more than 300 websites and youtube videos were blocked.

Source : HJS


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