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Pass Bill imposing ban on cow-slaughter before Legislative Assembly elections

June 2, 2014

Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Mammoth rally of ‘Gouvansh Raksha Ahimsa’

Bhiwandi : One, who takes action for protection of cows, will rule over Maharashtra ! Congress now knows that once people decide to do something, it is done. Pass the Bill prohibiting cow-slaughter before ensuing State Assembly elections; else, people will show you your place. Do not vote for persons who only talk about ban on cow-slaughter but vote for those, who take action for ban on cow-slaughter. The above appeal was made by H. H. Muniraj Vinamrasagarji Maharaj during the rally at Bhiwandi.

On 30th May, mammoth ‘Gouvansh Raksha Ahimsa Mahasabha’ was held on Katadare Ground in Kamatghar area, Bhiwandi. H. H. Shri. Purnachandra Surishwarji Maharaj, H.H. Munishri Vinamrasagarji Maharaj and H.B.P. Chintamani Maharaj gave guidance on this occasion. Shri. Venudasji Maharaj and Shri. Sundar Nitaidas Maharaj of ISKCON etc. were some of the other dignitaries, who shared the dais.

H.H. Muniraj Vinamrasagarji Maharaj said further that ‘We have undertaken the campaign of Gou-raksha (protection of cows) for bright future of India. Now, only talking about protection of cows won’t be enough; but people should be united in every village for protection of cows. Be ready to do anything for protection of cows. This ‘sabha’ in Bhiwandi is the beginning. If the Government does not pay serious attention to this problem, agitation will be staged at Azad Maidan in Mumbai, he warned. H.B.P. Chintamani Maharaj said ‘it is a tragedy that we never forget debt of our mother who brings us up feeding milk; but we keep quiet about slaughtering of cows, that are feeding milk to all mankind.’


1. Groups of youth were coming from many places raising slogans at the venue of the ‘sabha’.

2. After the meeting, a calf was taken on stage and Saints and dignitaries gave a message to all about protection of cows/ cattle.

3. Flags with ‘Vande Mataram’ written on them and saffron flags were waved at the venue.

4. In Bhiwandi, where Muslims are in majority, police maintained tight security to prevent any untoward incident.

Police had earlier denied permission for the ‘sabha’ on the grounds of security. (Will police deny permission to Muslims for their meeting in this manner ? Had they denied permission, what would have been its consequences? – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat ) Permission was later granted after intervention of BJP MP Shri. Kapil Patil.

Ahimsa Sangh to undertake following drives for passing Bill on banning cow-slaughter !

1. In 35 districts in Maharashtra, ‘Gouvansh Raksha Samiti’ will be set up.

2. This Samiti will create awareness amongst 43711 villages in 358 talukas.

3. ‘Gou-shalas’ will be empowered.

4. ‘Ahimsa Centres’ will be formed through which activists will keep an eye on places where illegal cow-slaughtering goes on and the concerned will be handed over to police.

5. Conventions of Saints, farmers, ‘keertankars’, Ahimsa (non-violence) etc. will be held for unification of people against cow-slaughter; also efforts would be made for immediate passing of relevant Act.

6. Soon conventions will be held on issues related to Jain and Hindu temples.

Source : HJS

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