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Home   News   Love Jihad victim rescued, Puttur man arrested for attempting to convert Hindu girl to Islam

Love Jihad victim rescued, Puttur man arrested for attempting to convert Hindu girl to Islam

June 17, 2014

Jyeshtha Krushna Paksha Panchami-Shashthi, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Karkala (Karnataka) : Even as many of the so called secular political parties are downplaying the existence of ‘Love Jihad’ for their political gain and vote bank politics, the police on Saturday arrested a man for attempting to forcefully convert a Hindu girl to Islam in the name of love.

Hasainar alias Rafiq from Keyyur Janata Colony in Puttur is the arrested who was taking a girl from Ajekar to Ponnani, allegedly for converting her to Islam in the name of love but on seeing the railway police at Kasargod, he fled the scene.

It is learnt that the girl was found alone with three youth standing at a distance monitoring her at the Kasargod railway station on Friday night. The railway police grew suspicious and when police tried to reach them and girl and accused escaped from the spot.

On questioning the girl said that she was in love with Hasainar and on Friday night, he fled away with all her clothes, gold ornaments and money.

The girl, who is employed with a cashew factory at Muniyal near Karkala told the police that Hasainar had been pestering her to marry him and had hence told that she should get converted to Islam. Following this, on June 12, Hasainar had brought the girl in a car to Kasargod with his three friends and from Kasargod they were to board train to Ponnani which is said to be the epicenter of conversion and islamic Love Jihad.

The Railway police contacted Ajekar police who came to Kasargod along with the parents of the girl and took her away.

A case was filed against Hasainar for robbing the girl’s belonging and in a swift operation, with the help of Puttur rural police Hasainar’s whereabouts were traced through his mobile location and nabbed him from his own residence along with the belongings of the girl.

Two other accused who helped Hasainar are still absconding.

Source : Tulunadu News

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