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Home   News   Bhagavan Shankar created ‘Maha-pralay’ in Uttarakhand to wash off Hindus’ sins

Bhagavan Shankar created ‘Maha-pralay’ in Uttarakhand to wash off Hindus’ sins

June 20, 2014

Jyeshtha Krushna Paksha Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

In the year 2013, I took part in Hindu Convention. After leaving from here, immediately Uttarakhand was hit with deluge and I felt like doing something for the nation. I, therefore, went to Uttarakhand for joining rescue operation and noticed alarming condition of Hindus.  People from villages where no damage was done, also expected to get food and other help. Local people from villages where we used to go to hand over aid, had no wish to do any work. They used to be not ready to even unload the things from vehicle which were carried for them. When we visited houses of people where they had lost their relatives, we observed that they did not feel sad. They used to be more interested in how to get benefits using the dead relatives. When we went to Kedarnath, w e observed that people used to have non-vegetarian food and even prostitution was going on there. After seeing all this, I felt that Bhagavan Shankar had created such ‘Maha-pralay’ to wash off sins committed by Hindus in Uttarakhand. Those Hindus had no respect either for their nation or for their Dharma. Your help is required to create awareness amongst them.

Source: HJS

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