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What are the motives of non-Hindus in converting Hindus?

June 19, 2014

Jyeshtha Krushna Paksha Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116


1. Converting Bharat into a Christian country

This is the prime motive of the Christians in converting Hindus, and Christian missionaries and churches in Bharat are actively performing this task. Some thoughts elucidated ahead are testimony to this fact.

A. Pope John Paul II : ‘In the first thousand years, Christianity blossomed in Europe. In the second thousand years, it spread to the American and African continents. In the third thousand years, let us pray that it spreads to the rest of the world and Bharat.’

B. Mother Teresa : ‘Conversion is the soul of the functioning of Christian missionaries. Without conversions, the missionaries will become lifeless’. (Do not forget that the secular Government of Bharat bestowed Mother Teresa with the highest award of ‘Bharat Ratna’ despite her rendering service in Bharat with this perspective.)

C. Father Johnson : ‘We westerners are under constant pressure to spread Christianity throughout the world. Since we believe that those who do not follow Christianity will go to Hell, we spread the message of Christ all over the world. Hindus believe that all religions are equal and hence, Bharat is a suitable country for conversions.’

Remember that the Union Government felicitated the American priest, Father Johnson, who performed the task of converting Hindus to Christianity for ten years, by misleading ignorant people to worship only one God.

2. Islamisation of Bharat

Islam has divided the human race into two – ‘Darul-Islam (World of Islamic countries)’ and Darul-Harab (World of non-Islamic countries)’. Islam teaches that till Islamisation of Darul-Harab (meaning, creation of Darul-Islam) is complete, the religious crusade called ‘Jihad’ (War declared by Muslims against those who do not believe in Islam) should continue.’

‘According to Islam, conversions too are a type of Jihad. The process of Islamisation of Bharat, through which Hindus are converted to Islam, has been going on for over 300 years at sword point, gun point, pretence of love (‘Love Jihad’) and through other mediums.’ – Weekly ‘Vajradhari

3. Creation of a Buddhist Bharat

To make Bharat a Buddhist country, with money flowing from China and Japan in the backward regions of Bharat, the ‘Dragon Palace’ is being constructed. Hindus are being converted through this medium. The efforts are especially on in the States of New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. New Buddhists have also started converting low caste Hindus to Buddhism, by generating hatred for the higher castes in their minds. In reality, however, Hindu Dharma has referred to Gautam Buddha as the ninth Incarnation of Shrivishnu.

Source: HJS

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  1. Dev Ratna Sinha says:

    We must have association in every city to prevent conversions.

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