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‘How can Hindu Rashtra be established in 5 years when it has been in existence for ages ?’

June 21, 2014

Jyeshtha Krushna Paksha Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Shri. Ramesh Shinde, National Spokesperson, HJS

‘A feeling was generated among participants, who attended last Convention, that they should do something for the nation in view of the then approaching elections. Guidance was given during that Convention about whom to vote. Power gained through elections lasts only for five years; but nobody should be under the impression that Hindu Rashtra which was in existence during different eras, will be established in 5 years. There were no elections at that time. Elections are held since past 67 years. The tradition of millions of years has been forgotten in 67 years; then why can we not bring it back in 5 years?’, asked Shri. Ramesh Shinde, the national spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti during the third all-India Hindu Convention; while speaking on the topic of ‘Futility of elections from the perspective of establishment of Hindu Rashtra’.

Shri. Shinde said further, “Should 100 blind persons going in the direction of valley, listen to a person with normal eye-sight like stated in a story from ‘Pancha-Tantra’; or should they go towards the valley because they are in majority ? It needs to be decided. Our Dharma does not necessarily go with majority. We believe in one Shriram, Shrikrushna. Kauravas were many; but they did not win. Pandavas, who were less in number, won the battle as they believed in Shrikrushna.

“We do not want materialistic progress but need spiritual progress  !”

Some people feel that development should now become a part of the definition of ‘Hindutva’. Shri. Shinde said in this regard, “Development will give you tall buildings; dams, metro; but does such development teach how to tackle  our defects like anger, greed, jealousy etc.? It needs to be remembered that for establishment of expansive Hindu Rashtra, spiritual practice (sadhana) is the only way.”

‘Dharma-kranti’ is the only weapon for establishment of Hindu Rashtra !

‘Dharma-kranti’ is the only solution for establishment of Hindu Rashtra’ is the message given by H. H. Doctor; so activists of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti give priority to tasks related to Hindus unification; instead of getting carried away in rigmarole of elections. It is a humble request to all of you that you too follow the same path !

‘Dharma-kranti’ is the only weapon for establishment of Hindu Rashtra; is standpoint of even HJS !

Paratpar Guru H. H. Dr. Athavale has studied for number of years, various aspects of democracy from social and spiritual perspective. In 1999, He had compiled a holy book on pitiful condition of democracy and establishment of divine kingdom; explaining his noble thoughts. Today, even after 15 years, every activist of HJS is experiencing time –tested truth in those thoughts; therefore, HJS does not have to take a different standpoint when elections approach. The thoughts as expressed by H. H. Dr. are the foundation of HJS in taking stand on the issue of election.

Source: HJS

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