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We have to become lions : Dr. Kaushikchandra Malik

June 26, 2014

Jyeshtha Amavasya, Kaliyug Varsha 5116

Dr. Kaushikchandra Malik, Member, Shastra Dharma Prachar Sabha, Bengal

We have to become like Bhakta Pralhad, for God to take incarnation. Bhagawan Shrikrushna is going to lift the Gowardhan Mountain; we just have to touch our sticks to it. We cannot do anything by fighting; only God is capable of lifting the huge Govardhan Mountain. When Shri Hanuman had gone to Lanka, Ravan had shouted, ‘The Deities Indra and Chandra are scared of me; then how can a monkey like you dare to challenge me?’ Hanuman replied, ‘I am Shriram’s servant. You will not be able to survive in front of me.’ Like Hanuman, we too have to become Shriram’s servant and fight. Our condition has become like a cub of a lion that is stuck in-between a flock of sheep. So, now it is time that we recognize our real self. We have to be lions.

Praise from eminent personalities for Sanatan Sanstha, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti and All-India Hindu Adhiveshan !

I come to the Adhiveshan to hear the thoughts of all speakers. I come here to charge my battery. By coming here I have acquired the merits that I would have otherwise acquired by going to all the Holy places.

Source: HJS

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