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Offering an Arati means

Singing Arati with more bhav (Spiritual Emotion) will help in

In which of the below direction one should move the platter while performing an Arati ?

Spiritual purpose of Arati is

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2 Responses to Arati

  1. KT says:

    does God care why we do Arati or how we do it ?

    • FHA says:


      There is a saying where is there is Bhav there is God. If a human being calls out to a Deity through the medium of Arati, he is granted a vision of God in the form of light or the Deity itself. When we do the aarti out of devotion and surrender to God, then God is pleased and we get the benefit of the aarti by the presence of chaitanya in the enviornment. The chaitanya purifies the house where aarti is held and also positively impacts all those present in the same enviornment. In the current times to experience chaitanya is very difficult due to high level of subtle raja-tama components present everywhere. Hence by doing aarti with bhav and devotion one gets to experience the same and it also helps to generate sattvik thoughts in the mind. Please read this link for further details.


      In Gratitude,
      Seekers at Forum for Hindu Awakening,

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