A samashti prayer to be done by all seekers worldwide

1. The prayer to be done for the sake of society (samashti)

Making an earnest samashti prayer:

‘Please let all of us receive God’s Grace and blessings for protection and establishment of Dharma’ will help us obtain both manifest (saguṇ) and un-manifest (nirgun) Divine  Consciousness (Chaitanya) of God at the level of place and time (sthal and kaal)  respectively. 

2. Importance of the word ‘Dharma’ and words associated with it in the prayer

‘Dharma’ is the only component associated with the knowledge of Vēda, that is, with the eternal time which leads to the final liberation (moksha).

‘Protection of Dharma’ is associated with God’s destroyer aspect (marak) of Chaitanya whereas ‘Establishment of Dharma’ is associated with God’s saviour (taarak) aspect of Chaitanya.

There is saguṇ Chaitanya of God in the form of blessings in the words ‘Grace’ and ‘blessings’, and also nirguṇ in the form of ‘grace’; hence such wordings have been used in the prayer.

3. Effect of the samashti prayer at mission level

As the establishment of Dharma is associated with time, and protection of Dharma with place, by making this prayer it will help us in the revolution of Dharma at both these levels (place and time) in the universe and in the establishment of Divine Kingdom, that is, establishment of Dharma will be possible within a short time.

(Note: This prayer can be done at anytime, and any number of times)

* Based on divine knowledge received by some seekers doing saadhanaa per Gurukrupaayoga.
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