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Navratri - a spiritual celebration

How to celebrate Navratri spiritually with all the aspects covered from the method of worshipping Goddess to which rangoli should be drawn such that maximum deity principle can be attracted.

Common doubts and spiritual clarification

Some common misconceptions and doubts in the minds of people, and clarification which aligns to spiritual science which helps to celebrate Navratri spiritually.

The good and the bad in Navratri

Knowledge of the science behind celebrating religious festivals benefits all. Ideally, human behaviour should be regulated through self-control

Worshipping the Deity through garba

Performing 'Garba' means' awakening Sree Durgadevi from meditation through the medium of the manifest spiritual practice of rhythmic clapping, and appealing her to assume the destructive form for the activity of the Universe

From the eye's of a Sculptor

Sometimes after completing an idol, Mr Surve realizes that it was the Goddess Herself who got it sculpted, using him as a medium.

How to worship the Goddess during Navratri ?

Science underlying the worship of Goddess during Navratri. Information on Ghatasthapana, Lighting of Akhand deep, Establishing Goddess Ashtabhuja and Navarnav Yantra, Malabandhan, Kumarika pujan, Garba etc.

Why is Goddess Aparajita form of Goddess Durga worshipped near Shami tree?

The Aparajita form of Goddess Durga is worshipped near the Shami tree because Shami leaves are good conservers of energy and they conserve the energy of Aparajita.

What is the significance of worshipping Shakti during nine days of Navratri ?

It is necessary to perform puja of Shakti to become free from the trap of Mahishasur, by realising the illusory form of this Mahishasur. Therefore, Shakti should be worshipped in the nine days of Navratra.

What is the correct method of saying Arati to Goddess?

The Goddess principle, that is the Divine energy principle is a confluence of the saviour and destroyer forms of Energy.

Desecration of Culture in Modern Garba

Hindus, there is ongoing perversion of our public festivals. Most of the times, forgetting the religious, spiritual and social reason behind the celebration of the festivals, the festivals are only looked upon as pleasure and fun.

Navratri 2013 - Lighting of lamp during Navratri

This article explains the spiritual science behind lighting an oil lamp continuously during Navr?tri

O Hindus ! Hail ‘Shastrameva Jayate’ and end your life of anonymity!

O Hindus ! Hail ‘Shastrameva Jayate’ on the auspicious day of Vijayadashami, exhibit your bravery and end your life of anonymity.

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