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Saint Tulsidas: Great devotee of Shriram in Kaliyuga

Hindu Dharma has a glorious past of great Saints and Sages. Several Saints ascended to the state of Guru and showed the path of God realisation to many. They also taught spirituality to the society through their conduct and actions. Their mission was not just limited to spirituality but they also did substantial work for the defense of nation whenever it was in difficulties. Some of the Saints traveled all over the world and disseminated the spiritual knowledge of Bharat there without any personal expectations. Millions of people abroad are getting benefit of that. For last lakhs of years, the Sages took tremendous efforts to preserve the Vēdic knowledge which is the pride of Bharat. They also created many subjects connected with the human life and made it easy. The most important thing however is that the Saints of Bharat have donated the world the tradition of Guru-disciple.

The current scene however is different. The cricketers, movie heroes and heroines have become the ideals of Hindus. Also the two vices of selfishness and narrow mindedness have become dominant in Hindus which is causing lot of harm to Hindu society. Under such circumstances it has become essential to study and follow the life of Saints who have imparted the teaching of sacrifice, love. devotion to righteousness, devotion to nation, helping the society and Kshātradharma (duty of a warrior). We are hereby publishing the matter related to them so that people should come to know about such great Saints. We pray at the feet of God that let Hindus get the inspiration to study and follow their biography and teachings.

Tulsidās (1532 – 1623) is considered to be one of the greatest of the Hindu Saints of India.  He is considered to be one of the most famous representatives of the Bhakti school of Hinduism. Goswami Tulsidas was a great devotee of Shrīrām. He is one of the most familiar Saints in India and his version of the epic story of Shriram that is called “Shriram -charit-mānas” is an extremely popular scripture. Shriram-charit-manas is a proof of the exalted state of devotion that this Saint has achieved and the grace God has showered upon him. It is said that Shriram and Shrī Lakshmanā have appeared to Tulsidas in person on a few occasions. The story of Goswami Tulsidas is highly inspirational to aspirants in the present age; it revives faith in the Divine and proves that God can be attained through pure devotion even in this Kaliyuga. Click here to read more.

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