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Shraadha ritual and chanting of the name of Deity Dattatreya

Sri Gurudeva Datta

Shrī Gurudēva Datta

During the shrāadha  rites and the meal, one should not entertain anger and meaningless thoughts. The vibrations generated due to the meaningless thoughts adversely affect the Vishvedēv and the deceased ancestors (Pitars) coming to that place. That is why one should completely avoid meaningless thoughts and meaningless conversation with others while performing the ritual.

Options for the shraadha ritual

  • If Brāhmans are not available for performing the shraadha ritual of one's mother, then one can invite married women and perform the shraadha.

  • If two Brahmans are not available then seat the Brahmans on the seat for Pitars (Pitrusthan), place an idol of Shāligrām or baby Shrīkrushna on the seat of the Deity (Dēvāsthan) and make a resolve to perform the shraadha.

  • If due to some reason one is unable to perform shraadha, then he can get the shraadha performed through his son, disciple or a Brahman.

  • Invite a Brahman, after he has washed his hands and feet, offer him a seat and after worship with five substances offer him a meal.

  • In case of unavailability of money and Brahman, do a shraadha with sacrificial fire (hom-shraadha).

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