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What is Bhav ( Spiritual Emotion )

Why should one undertake efforts to awaken collective spiritual emotion?

According to the influence of time in the Kaliyug (era), spiritual practice for the sake of society is 70% important while individual spiritual practice is 30% important. Thus for individual spiritual progress, it is important to draw maximum individuals in society towards Spirituality.

Why do distressing energies trouble seekers undertaking samashti sadhana?

Distressing energies generally do not trouble those undertaking individual spiritual practice because those energies are not bothered if a few individuals undertake spiritual practice and attain the Final Liberation (Moksha). However spiritual practice done for the sake of society inspires many people in society to undertake spiritual practice.

Why should a prayer be augmented with an expression of gratitude?

Prayer is actually a synonym for surrender. This act of surrender is completed only after the expression of gratitude. Gratitude is a means of offering the doership of an act to God / the Guru; hence it helps in reducing the ego.

What is the importance of prayer as spiritual practice?

The word ‘prarthana (prayer)’ means pleading fervently. In other words, it is asking The Lord for something with intense yearning. Prayer includes respect, love, pleading and faith. A prayer along with the repetition (chanting) of The Lord’s Name helps in generation of spiritual emotion and to reach the repetition (chanting) to The Lord.

Why should one pray to the objects in daily use?

The God principle exists in all animate and inanimate creation. For rapid awakening of spiritual emotion for God, it is important to harbour awareness about the God principle continuously.By praying to objects used in day-to-day life, this spiritual emotion develops faster.

Performing every activity as a service unto the Guru

If attempts to awaken spiritual emotion only during actions related to spiritual practice are made then it poses a restriction to awakening of spiritual emotion. Hence one should perform every task as spiritual practice or with the spiritual emotion that ‘I am the servitor of the Guru’, then the entire process of awakening spiritual emotion is enhanced.

Why are spiritual experiences discussed during satsangs?

The theoretical information delivered there only helps those curious about Spirituality to believe in it whereas spiritual experiences help to augment their faith. One gets inspired to undertake more spiritual practice with the faith that God will endow one with spiritual experiences. A seeker can also learn from the spiritual experiences of others.

How is spiritual emotion distinct from faith?

With the augmentation of spiritual practice, one gets spiritual experiences of a higher level. In this way, as faith, spiritual practice and spiritual experiences grow, spiritual emotion develops. Faith is of three types depending upon the three components (namely sattva predominant, raja predominant and tama predominant) while spiritual emotion is beyond the three components.

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