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Dowsing with a pendulum

Electrosomatographic technique

Polycontrast interference photography (PIP)

Introduction to spiritual research studies

Introduction to spiritual research studies

In 2008, SSRF embarked upon a long-term collaborative spiritual research project. The project differed from the usual method of  spiritual research conducted by SSRF. This time, an array of biofeedback and other equipment was used to measure different variables in a set of controlled experiments. The results were then corroborated with explanations obtained through an advanced   sixth sense. After a period of detailed experiments and later, analysis, the research findings are now ready for publication.


Interview with Dr. Nandini Samant 

We spoke to Dr. Nandini Samant (MBBS, DPM) who is the Principal Investigator of the project, to understand the background of the research undertaken by the study team. Read more...



Commentary on the limitations of equipment used in modern research

Over the course of our spiritual research using modern equipment, subtle analysis showed that at times, the underlying reasons for two similar readings provided by the equipment were diametrically opposite. However, the modern scientific world recognises similar readings as similar events. From this perspective the limitation of scientific equipment in research and their role in day-to-day life as diagnostic tools, can be explained. Read more...


Introduction to spiritual research using the polycontrast interference photography (PIP) technique

In the PIP technique, the object to be studied is exposed to white light that has the spectrum of seven colours (Rainbow spectrum). A specialised video camera takes photographs using various filters that get analysed by special PIP software. This software reveals details about the energy field on and around the object with pictures of varying shades and colours.


Introduction to spiritual research using the electrosomatographic scanning technique

Taking advantage of the advancements in biofeedback machines, SSRF has been using these machines to study the effects of various stimuli on our auras, energy systems and chakrās. One such machine is the DDFAO, which is basically a French acronym which stands for Computer-Aided Screening and Functional Diagnosis


Introduction to spiritual research into dowsing using a pendulum

To dowse is basically to search, with the aid of simple hand held tools or instruments. These instruments include Y-rods, L-rods and pendulums.

By using these instruments, dowsers believe that they are able to find things which are otherwise hidden from view or knowledge. Historically, dowsing has been primarily used for finding water beneath the surface. However, apart from locating water and minerals dowsing has also been used for other purposes.


Research contact: Dr. Nandini Samant, MBBS, DPM

Phone: +91 90 490 76081

Email: [email protected]

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