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Performing every activity as a service unto the Guru

Worldly actions, the attitude towards the results obtained from them and the experiences obtained when performing these actions prove useful from the viewpoint of awakening spiritual emotion. In the beginning, there is a qualitative difference between actions done as spiritual practice and those done in worldly life. So at first it is easier to awaken spiritual emotion through actions done with respect to spiritual practice like ritualistic worship (pūjā), singing hymns (Āratī), repetition (chanting) of God’s Name, rendering service unto the Absolute Truth (satsē), etc. Will even a seeker who is indulging in full time spiritual practice be able to do these tasks continuously throughout the day ? Certainly not, because in day-to-day life he has to do personal tasks such as bathing, taking treatment for an illness, doing household chores, caring for ill family members, etc. These restrict his actions pertaining to spiritual practice, and so if attempts to awaken spiritual emotion only during actions related to spiritual practice are made then it poses a restriction to awakening of spiritual emotion. Hence one should perform every task as spiritual practice or with the spiritual emotion that ‘I am the servitor of the Guru’, then the entire process of awakening spiritual emotion is enhanced. Click here to read more.

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