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Wearing clothes - a spiritual perspective

Hindu Clothing for Men - Significance of silk dhoti and uparana

How do the colour and design of the clothes affect the person wearing it?

How does spiritual healing occur by wearing dhoti-kurta?

Amongst the dresses as per Hindu culture, the clothes like dhoti-uparana, dhoti-kurta, kurta-pyjama, etc. are the appropriate and Sattvik dresses. A dhoti is Sattvik because it is specially worn by the Deities. For this reason the benefit of Sattvikta available from wearing a dhoti is higher in comparison with other clothes.

Why are new clothes worn on an auspicious day?

On specific days like the festivals, the Principles of specific Deities descend onto the earth and are active in a higher proportion. By wearing new clothes on such days, the clothes absorb the frequencies of the Principles of the Deities and become Sattvik.

Why do men wear a cap during religious rituals?

By wearing a cap during a religious ritual Chaitanya is transmitted in the person’s body in some proportion and is also emitted in all the directions through the cap in some proportion. After some time, a protective sheath of these emitted Chaitanya frequencies is created around the body of the person.

Why do the dresses from western culture cause distress at spiritual level?

Why do the dresses from western culture cause distress at spiritual level?

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