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Sattvik diet: Benefits of ghee made from cow's milk

The ghee made from cow milk added to the food served, purifies it and imparts greasiness to the body. Ghee made from cow’s milk has higher proportion of Vishnu Principle. Ghee contains Divine Principle and Chaitanya. Hence it is protected from negative energies.

Vegetarianism Hinduism

Eating meat is a Tama-dominant act. That is why, it is prohibited in Hindu Dharma. The act of eating meat represents the Raja-Tama-dominant foreign culture. The illusory vibrations emitted by the meat affect the mind of the person eating the meat.

Why is food itself called as Brahma

Saint Dnyaneshvar says, ‘Food itself is Brahma’ The whole universe originates from, sustains on and merges into Brahma. Similarly, all living beings originate from, survive on and merge into food

Why is it necessary to change your diet as per the season?

In day-to-day life, fresh and hot food should be consumed. Climatic changes in each season influence man’s physique, mind, intellect and his entire lifestyle. Hence it is beneficial to make changes in our diet according to seasonal changes.

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