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Sree Ganesh Chaturthi

An Ideal Shree Ganesh Festival

In ancient days, the rituals performed with spiritual emotion and the science behind them were the main part of the festival rather than external decoration

How to do immersion of Shree Ganesh idol when local government restrictions apply

Hindus who live abroad (in countries like USA, UK, Australia, etc.) find it difficult to immersethe idol of Shree Ganesh in river, lake or sea due to local rules and regulations. This article explains a spiritually acceptable method of immersion in such unique situations.

Pollution caused due to incorrect materials and immersion methods used for idols of Shree Ganesh

If the idol of Shree Ganesh is made of incorrect materials, it prevents us from deriving the spiritual benefits as well as it pollutes the rivers, lakes or sea.

Sankashti chaturthi vrat - For fulfillment of wishes

Reasons behind celebrating Sankashtachaturthi and spiritual science behind celebrating it.

Vrat of Shree Ganesh

Spiritual science behind celebrating vrat, how to celebrate it and the appropriate idol for worship on the day of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ananta Chaturdashi Vrat

What is Anant Chaturdashi, various spiritual rituals to be performed during Anant Chaturdashi, how is it celebrated and spiritual science behind celebrating it.

Shree Ganesh Visarjan-Ananta Chaturdashi

The correct process and science behind immersion of Sri Ganesh idol.

Sree Ganesh Chaturthi - a spiritual perspective

Lord Ganesha's principle is 1000 times active on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. The article explains on how to celebrate Ganesh chaturthi by doing the Ganesh puja as per the spiritual science associated with Hindu Dharma.

Sree Ganesh Jayanti - a spiritual celebration

Basic spiritual celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi and relative importance of the types of celebration methods

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