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Which sanskars are vital for overcoming defects in foetus?

Why in 'aukshan' (on Hindu Birthdays), the platter with lit lamp waved in a circle

When the platter with a lit lamp is waved around the jiv, on the day of his Hindu Birthday, it activates the spiritual energy (kundalini) system and facilitates its flow. When the platter with lit lamp is rotated from the Anahat chakra to the Adnya chakra, they gain momentum and become active.

Why is correct pronunciation important while reciting a mantra?

This article describes the reason behind reciting mantra with a specific pronunciation to avail spiritual benefit.

Why is purashcharan performed before commencing chanting of mantra?

This article describes the reason behind performing purashcharan before commencing chanting of mantra. How by performing it, one can avail spiritual benefit.

Why should birthday be celebrated as per Hindu lunar calendar?

How to celebrate birthday, and why is it celebrated as per Hindu Lunar calendar.

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