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Why the chances of rebirth are less if one dies in a place of pilgrimage?

Kshētra means a small or large plot of land and pāl means to nurture or protect. Thus the guardian Deity of a territory is the one which nurtures or protects a particular area of land.

The duration of one’s stay at a place of pilgrimage is not important, but the capacity to grasp Spirituality is and it is this which determines that duration. No matter how painstakingly a Guru teaches His disciple at a place of pilgrimage, when the disciple returns to the Great Illusion, he forgets what he is taught. However after acquiring absolute knowledge no matter where a disciple goes he can attract the 108 frequencies as he can create absolute ether (Ākāsh) [vacuum]. Once this occurs frequencies at a place of pilgrimage can reduce. Diverting a Deity’s energy elsewhere in this way is referred to in the Konkan region in India as ‘keeping a Deity in bondage’. However such a Deity can ‘free’ itself from the bondage and help an earnest devotee. Click here to read more.

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