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Comparative study of the effect of holding a lit candle and a lamp lit using clarified butter (ghee)

Candles have been in use for thousands of years. During the 18th century candles were mainly made from tallow and were widely used to aid travellers at dark and for lighting homes and places of worship at night. These days candles are mainly made from paraffin and come in various shapes, sizes and fragrances. Even though candles are no longer a major source of light, they are still very widely used whenever there is an electricity outage at night, in the absence of inverters and other alternatives. Lit candle vigils are also prevalent worldwide as a means of protest. In many countries of the world candles symbolise celebration, mark romance, define ceremony, and accent decor. Besides this, candles are also frequently used on graves, and to commemorate memory of people who have passed away.  Another very popular use of candles is lighting them at the altar. In some parts of the world lamps fuelled by clarified butter (ghee-lamps) are used instead, though their use is rapidly on the decline.

Though a lit candle serves many purposes, are we aware of what happens at a spiritual level when a candle is lit? To ascertain the effect of a lit candle and a lamp lit using clarified butter (ghee-lamp) at a spiritual level, with the help of modern equipment, we did a comparative study using the electrosomatographic technique on ten seekers from around the world – five seekers without negative energy distress and five seekers with negative energy distress. We used the DDFAO equipment for this study. Click below to read more.


1. Introduction

2. Some details of the experiment

3. Observations

4. Input from the subtle-knowledge section

5. Conclusions

6. Summary

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