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How to gain control over mind by practicing pranayam?

Respiration slows down with the practice of Prānāyam. As the respiratory rate decreases, the heart rate too decreases. Those with a low pulse rate have low risk of cardiac illness. If a middle aged and healthy individual has a pulse rate of less than seventy beats per minute then it is ideal.

While practising Pranayam oxygen supply to all the cells in the body is reduced. As a result, even when the oxygen supply is reduced the cells adapt to it and function marginally or survive. Thus if an individual enters the gaganavashesh or turyāga states of the Super-conscious state (samādhi) [refer ‘Science of Spirituality: Vol. 16 - Path of Meditation (Dhyānyoga)’] then though there is complete cessation of breathing for sometime, the cells in his body do not die. Click here to read more.

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