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Why are ornaments required to be purified regularly?

If the ornaments are sāttvik, then at the mental level pleasant changes occur and are retained. For example, one becomes introspective. On the contrary, by wearing asuri (demonic) ornaments, specific chakras of the body and ultimately the organs are affected because of the negative vibrations emitted by them. Diseases concerning that organ occur due to this reason.

In the ornaments worn by the person afflicted with negative energies distress, the negative energies collect black energy to counteract the effect of the gold. The body parts on which the person has worn ornaments may start paining. If one experiences distress upon wearing ornaments, then purification should be done according to the severity of the distress.

The Five Cosmic principles are Absolute Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Amongst them, ornaments are purified by the Absolute Water, Fire, Air and Ether principles. Thus purification of ornaments should be done according to the ascending level of the Absolute Fire, Air and Ether principles. Click here to read more.

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