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Why are gold ornaments worn in the upper part of the body?

In the ancient tradition of adorning ornaments, an important point is that gold ornaments are adorned above the waist. The spiritual reason for this is that gold ornaments have predominance of the Absolute Fire principle. Through this, one is protected from the negative energies active in the direction 8 to 10 feet from above the ground. Also, due to gold the negative energies have distress.

It is best if the ornaments are of gold. If it is not possible to adorn gold ornaments, then silver ornaments should be adorned. Also, some ornaments are made only from silver, for example anklets. Silver ornaments primarily include anklets, chain, thick bangles, rings etc. The person adorning silver ornaments also gains Divine Chaitanya. Generally, silver ornaments are adorned below the waist. Click here to read more.

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