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Why are idols of Deities adorned with ornaments during worship?

In Sanatan Hindu Dharma ‘Adorning ornaments’ is considered an important conduct sārī, vermilion on the forehead coupled with ornaments like earrings, necklace, bangles etc. is the identity of the traditional form of a Hindu woman. However, with time the importance of this invaluable gift started getting overlooked. From the viewpoint of materialism ‘Ornament’ became the medium of displaying opulence. Due to lack of education of our own Dharma, many actions such as applying a Bindi in place of vermilion, not wearing Mangalasūtra, the symbol of state of married woman etc. were adopted. Wearing ornaments like bracelets, bangles, nose-ring amounted to backwardness. In fact, the ornaments are a medium that helps acquire Divine grace.

Features of ornaments: The pleasing radiance of ornaments on the face and the body dispels the Raja-Tama-dominant particles in the atmosphere. Hence, it is saviour in nature. Due to the radiance emitted by the ornaments the negative energies are also destroyed. So it is destroyer. The ornaments impart Chaitanya, Bliss (Ānand) and Serenity (Shānti) to a person as per his temperament. Ornament functions according to the temperament of a person and is a form of God that teaches him to move towards perfection. Click here to read more

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