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Why is a nose ring (natha) studded with pearls?

In the Shrī Tripursundari stotra composed by Shri Ādi Shankarāchārya, a prayer has been offered to the Dēvī , ‘O Girija, please accept this nose ornament offered by me.’ Even today, the nose ring worn by women is studded with pearls. Apart from this, a nose ring (Loung, that is, Besara) is also worn by women.

Subtle effects of wearing a natha


Through pearls, the waves in the form of the Absolute water Element (Āpatattva) are activated and emitted. Due to the pearls in the natha, cool waves in the form of the Absolute Water element  are emitted from the natha. Waves in the form of Chaitanya, bestowing vital energy (Prāna-shakti) of the Universe are attracted towards these waves. Both these waves enter the body of the woman wearing the natha with each breath through her nostrils. Through the union of these waves, waves in the form of vital energy are transmitted into the woman’s body.

Effects of wearing a gold nose ring


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