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Why should one not use brush for cleansing teeth?

Today, most people use toothpowder or paste made of Āyurvēdic herbs and various toothpastes made of chemicals.

Result of using Ayurvedic paste for Dantadhawan: The paste made of Ayurvedic herbs is related to the Tēj and Āpa-tattva (Absolute Fire and Water principles) to a small extent. By using this paste for Dantadhawan, the subtle foul smell of the teeth disintegrates. The frequencies of Apa -tattva emitted by the paste awaken the vitality of the oral cavity. Because of an awakened oral cavity, obstacles in chewing the food are removed. The spots in the mouth that emit the foul air are weakened.

Result of using chemical toothpastes for Dantadhawan: The chemical toothpaste is related to the Pruthvī and Apa-tattva (Absolute Earth and Water principles). Its use creates an artificial fragrance in the mouth. The foul smell generated by the decomposition of food particles wedged in the teeth is subdued for some time and there is a good feeling for some time.

Result of using Ayurvedic toothpowder for Dantadhawan: The Ayurvedic toothpowder is related to the Tej and Apa-tattva (Absolute Fire and Water principles) to a medium extent. That is why, the foul smell emanating from the mouth is destroyed. The longevity of the gap in the teeth increases. The vitality of the mouth remains awakened and the mouth feels light. Click here to read more.

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