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How do the colour and design of the clothes affect the person wearing it?

The likes-dislikes of a person are according to the three gunas.

  • A sāttvik person likes to wear clothes of sattvik colours like yellow, blue, pink etc.

  • A rājasik person likes clothes of gaudy colours, like red, orange etc., with colourful designs

  • A tāmasik person likes to wear black clothes or clothes of dark tamasik colours with weird designs.

A sattvik person likes to wear simple clothes with minimum stitching. Other sattvik persons also like such clothes and experience closeness with such a person.

On looking at the clothes of various colours and designs, their vibrations are attracted towards the vibrations of the subconscious mind of the person. When both the vibrations match each other, favourable sensations are created in the subconscious mind of the person. The person likes those clothes and thinks of purchasing them.

But when the vibrations of the clothes and the person’s subconscious mind do not match, unfavourable or distressing vibrations are created in his subconscious mind. The person does not like such clothes and he does not wish to purchase them.

A process takes place at a subtle level in the person’s subconscious mind through the vibrations because of which he likes clothes of some specific colours or specific design according to his temperament. Click here to read more.

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