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How to do Namaskar to a dead body? - Do's and Dont's

Q. Should one do namaskār to a dead body?

A. 'The embodied souls from the Trētāyuga and Dwāpāryuga were more Sattva predominant as compared to the embodied souls of the Kaliyuga. During the Tretayuga and the Dwaparyuga  the embodied soul undertaking spiritual practice used to gain Godly momentum after leaving its physical body. Doing namaskar to a dead body is actually doing namaskar to the Godly momentum gained after accomplishment of its work in this world and which takes it towards God. This is also symbolic of expressing respect towards the subtle body of an embodied soul. In the present era, as per the path of rituals (Karmakānda) there is a custom of praying first for the sake of the dead body - 'let the subtle body of the departed attain good momentum to reach the next region'; and then doing namaskar to the body.

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