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What is the science behind wearing big sized ornaments?

The main objectives of women wearing Hindu ornaments are:
  • To absorb Divine Chaitanya, that is, Positive Energy through the medium of ornaments.

  • To alleviate the distress by negative energies.

The Scriptures prescribe that women wear big sized ornaments. The reasons are given below:
  • Awakening of a warrior attitude and being able to overcome emotions: Women who are very emotional should wear big-sized ornaments. With this, their Raja-guna is activated and the unmanifest warrior attitude is awakened. Due to awakening of the warrior attitude they become capable of overcoming difficulties in controlling the emotions arising in the mind because of their emotional nature.

  • Negative energies facing difficulty in entering the body of women and exchanging black energy: Due to the big-sized ornaments Chaitanya is attracted in higher proportion and most parts of the body are covered with Chaitanya. Hence, the negative energies face difficulty in entering the body of the woman and in exchanging black energy.

  • Reduction in emotional nature of the woman due to absorption of Chaitanya in higher proportion in the big sized ornaments: By wearing big Chaitanya-filled ornaments the mental sheath of the woman is transformed and this helps to reduce her emotional nature.

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