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Why are glass bangles preferred over plastic bangles?

Kangan, that is, bangles are an important ornament for spinsters as well as married women. Since ancient times, there is a tradition of making bangles, that is, kangan from various metals, glass, conch, sealing-wax and ivory.
  • In Punjab, bangles made of ivory and in Bengal bangles made of conch have special importance.

  • In Uttar Pradesh, wearing of a red sārī and red bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding is considered auspicious.

  • In states like Maharashtra, Karnataka etc., wearing of green glass bangles by the bride at the time of the wedding has special importance.

Effects of plastic and glass bangles

Plastic bangles: Plastic bangles are Raja-Tama-dominant. Hence, Raja-Tama-dominant vibrations in the environment are attracted to such bangles and are absorbed by the woman who wears them. As a result, there is a possibility of the woman experiencing distress such as pressure on the head or the body, fatigue etc. This explains why one feels distress while looking at plastic bangles.

Glass bangles: Glass bangles have sāttviktaDēvī principle and Chaitanya in them. Due to these, sāttvik and Chaitanya-dominant waves in the environment are attracted to the glass bangles. In addition, due to the sound generated by the glass bangles, the negative energies back off. This explains why one feels good while looking at glass bangles. Click here to read more.

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