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Why Namaskar should not to be done with one hand?

He who does namaskār with one hand, renders his merits of a lifetime fruitless. - Vyaghrapadsmruti 367
The difference in doing namaskar with both hands and with one hand: Doing namaskar with both hands amounts to supplementing every action with Deity Shiva and Divine Energy. Doing namaskar with one hand amounts to having awareness of doership. That is why doing namaskar with one hand is not permissible under the Hindu Dharma, which is based on complete humility. Bending and touching the fingers of the right hand (and not the thumb) to the ground and then touching the Anāhat chakra with the fingers amounts to doing namaskar with one hand. Doing namaskar in this manner amounts to publicly expressing emotion of respect. This was considered a sign of ego in the Trētāyug.
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